About Our Asbestos Sampling Kit:

An Asbestos sampling kit from Asbestos Testing Oxford contain everything you need to safely and cost effectively take a sample from your home or work premises, you can then send it to us for UKAS accredited laboratory testing which will provide an accurate result on whether the materials you sent us contain Asbestos.


Asbestos artex testing kit Oxford sample kit
Likely locations for Asbestos.

Our Asbestos Sampling Kit Contains:

  • Category 5/6 Overalls – We supply one of the highest grades of asbestos coveralls (used by asbestos removal companies) to ensure you’re protected against asbestos fibres whilst taking your sample.
  • P3 Filtered Mask The P3 filtered respirator has been specifically developed and tested to protect against asbestos fibres. This ensures you will be protected against breathing in any asbestos fibres whilst sampling.
  • Nitrile Powder Free Gloves These gloves have been carefully chosen for the sampling process to prevent your hands being contaminated with asbestos.
  • Antibacterial Wipes These wipes are used to dampen down your PPE before removing & disposing to prevent any further fibre release from the equipment.
  • Red Asbestos Waste Bag The asbestos waste bags provided are of UN standard and are to be used to dispose of all PPE once sampling has been completed. The red bag inparticular is to be the first bag which any waste is placed into.
  • Clear Asbestos Waste Bag  The asbestos waste bags provided are of UN standard and are to be used to dispose of all PPE once sampling has been completed. The red bag should be placed into this clear bag. As per industry standards all asbestos waste should be double bagged with high grade asbestos bags.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions  We provide simple step by step instructions which guide you through the full kit and sampling process.
  • 24H Lab Test Included  Unlike other providers our kit covers absolutley everything you need to take a sample INCLUDING the lab test fee. You’ll receive sample bags & sample request form in your kit also.


Protect your workers, family, and environment.  As the damage it causes is irreversible.


Buy an asbestos sampling kit today.

Asbestos Sampling Kit in and around Oxford artex test kit


August 2000, the EPA conducted a series of tests for consumers of adverse health effects associated with asbestos-contaminated vermiculite.

Hundreds of fibrous minerals can be found around the world and classified as asbestos forms which our surveyors will deal with.

Six asbestos materials were used on an industrial scale and for practical reasons are classified as asbestos.  Some of them are very common and some are extremely rare.  Contact Asbestos testing Oxford.